Duration: Half-day (4h) / Full day 8 hours
Available: March – October
Payment: Credit card / Payment Via Cash Discount (-10%)
Inclusions:  Skipper, fuel, towels, snorkeling equipment, drinks (wine, beer, juice, water)

Departure time: Upon agreement
Departure place: The Old Town port or upon agreement
Please note: This tour is weather dependent

The Betina cave 
The rocky coast of Kolocep
Entrance to the Pigeon cave on Lokrum
The Betina cave
The rocky coast of Kolocep
Entrance to the Pigeon cave on Lokrum

Book Now and visit the secluded sea temples

Due to the geomorphology of the Adriatic coast, caves located on the sea surface are easily accessible to visitors with a boat, and therefore world-famous. On Dubrovnik caves tour, we will take you to the exploration of the seven caves. Being born and raised here, on the sea, our skippers know them like the back of their hand. And yet, they never cease to admire their magnificence and the feeling of serenity you get once you enter that surreal natural empire.


First, we will visit several smaller caves on island Koločep. Not all of them are accessible or big enough to enter, however, you will surely enjoy the sights and your skipper’s stories about them. They are truly the secluded sea temples. Then, we will proceed to the Blue cave. As we go inside you will grasp the origin of its name. The reflection of the sun rays gives the sea an extraordinary blue color. People are magically drawn to it, it makes them want to jump into the sea right away. Your skipper will join you in the sea as he shares interesting stories about the Dubrovnik caves.

Dubrovnik caves - The Blue cave
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The incredible blend of colors

Imagine the genesis of these natural wonders

Next stop on our Dubrovnik caves tour is a visit to the three Green caves. You will notice right away how the hues of turquoise and green beautifully blend as the waves ripple on the surface. Your skipper will join you while you swim and explore, and tell you more stories about the caves. These are also excellent spots for swimming and snorkeling, and of course, for taking pictures with complimentary GoPro camera. As we sail back towards the Old Town, we will stop by the Betina cave settled in close proximity. You can reach it only by sea. Inside the cave, there is a nice pebbly beach, and since it is facing southeast it is much cooler in the afternoon hours when it is entirely in the shade. We are going to moore in front and then you can swim, snorkel, take photos or even jump off the cliffs if you are brave enough.

Just across Betina cave, on the island Lokrum, we will visit the biggest of Dubrovnik caves, called the Pidgeon’s cave. Secluded, on the outer side of the island, its entrance is surrounded by steep rocks and Mediterranean greenery protruding from the rocks. You can imagine its genesis, how the huge and strong waves hitting the rocks for thousands of years have shaped this natural wonder. At the end of our Dubrovnik caves tour, we hope you will be richer for many great memories and new experiences after this tour.

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