Duration: half-day (4hours) / full day (8 hours)
Available: April – October
Payment: cash
Inclusions: drinks (wine, beer, juice, water), towels, snorkeling equipment, GoPro camera, drone, skipper, fuel

Departure time: upon agreement
Departure place: The Old Town port or upon agreement
Please note: this tour is weather dependent, drone in available on request


Magnificent Dubrovnik archipelago

The Elaphiti Islands are an archipelago of 13 larger and smaller islands, situated slightly northwest of Dubrovnik. There are two theories about how they got their name. The first one says it comes from the word “elaphite” which is a Greek word for deer, as the arrangement of the islands’ reefs, bays, and isthmuses resembles a set of magnificently ramified deer horns. 

The second one claims it is because of the large population of deer who used to live on these islands a long time ago.  There are three larger islands which are inhabited: Koločep (the locals call it Kalamota), Lopud and Šipan. On our Elaphiti islands tour, we will visit all three of them and explore their hidden treasures.

Swim, snorkel, explore and take fantastic photos

Outstanding natural beauties and historical sites

The tour starts with a short Old Town panorama. Soon after, we will arrive at Koločep, as it is closest to Dubrovnik. Koločep boasts with five caves, of which the Blue cave is the most famous. There you will have an opportunity to swim, snorkel and take fantastic photos. The magnificent turquoise sea surrounding it will surely mesmerize you.

The next island we will visit is Lopud. It used to house two monasteries, thirty churches and several noble palaces, although only remnants of this magnificent past are visible today. If you wish, we can make a reservation for lunch in one of the best local restaurants serving freshly caught fish. Lopud is a car-free island with two large sandy beaches. One is in the main village, and on the south side of the island, there is a stunning large sandy beach Šunj located in a beautiful bay, surrounded by trees. If you are a GoT series fan, you are lucky because we can take you to some of the filming locations on the island.

The largest of Elaphiti islands and teeming with fish and other marine life, Šipan is an excellent spot for both beginner and advanced snorkelers. And as locals, we know all the best spots which we will happily share with you! Upon our return from the Elaphiti islands tour we will stop on Lokrum Island so you could visit and snorkel in the biggest cave in this area. GoPro camera is at your disposal, we know you will take every opportunity to memorize these moments!

Elaphiti islands tour is a perfect getaway from the rush in the city and it offers a great opportunity to experience the autochthon island culture in the Dubrovnik area.

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