Sipan – the island of olives, figs and vineyards

Did you know there is a Croatian island enlisted in the Guinness World Records book?

Favored by the aristocracy of the Republic of Dubrovnik

Sipan, the largest among the Elaphiti islands, is settled just 17 km north-west from Dubrovnik. It boasts with a record number of olive trees in regard to the population and its total surface area. A curiosity like this makes wonder how does this island really look like, doesn’t it? Well, luckily for you, Sipan is a part of our Elaphiti islands tour and we would be very happy to take you there.

But first, let us tell you a bit more about it. It used to be a desirable destination for the aristocracy of the Republic of Dubrovnik. They loved the island’s peacefulness and fertile lands so much that they decided to build their summer manors there. There are two main villages: Sudurad on the eastern and Luka Sipanska on the western side. If you take a walk (or rent a bike) to get from one to the other, you will encounter the late-Gothic Rector’s Palace and ruins of archbishop’s palaces. In fact, there are 42 old mansions and 34 churches on the island!

Laid-back way of life

The locals grow olives, grapes, citruses and other goods all around, and especially in Sipansko polje (Sipan’s field). So, if you get an opportunity, make sure you taste what they have to offer: tasty home-made olive oil, grappas, wine, dried figs… As you walk around and imbibe the scent of Mediterranean herbs, you will notice the island’s life is pretty laid-back. And if it does get too loud, we can take you to the exploration of the island’s bewitching coves and secluded caves. There are plenty on Sipan, each more alluring than the last. Of course, snorkeling, taking pictures, sunbathing and having a good time is a given.

Let’s not forget the delicious offer of the restaurants! Since the local fishermen supply them with daily fresh fish and seafood, paired with golden olive oil and locally grown vegetables, you can expect a real feast. Our recommendation goes to restaurant Bowa and since you can reach it only by boat, we would be happy take you there. Besides the excellent food served on the terrace near the sea, there is a lounge bar and a beach with cabanas and sunbeds. Sipan is indeed an island for an all-day experience, so let us take you there to have the time of your life.

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