Start the adventure, explore the Dubrovnik caves

The Dubrovnik area and nearby islands abound with many stunningly beautiful caves.

The Dubrovnik caves will fascinate you

Lovely pebble beach, shade during the hottest hours of the summer day, tranquility, and a sea of green-blue hues,… The picturesque Betina cave, located nearby the Old City, a little further off the Banje beach, offers all this, and much more. You can access this cave formed inside the huge rock only from the seaside, and trust us – it is worth the trip. It is perfect for snorkeling, jumping off the surrounding cliffs (if you are brave enough!), taking photos, or even a quick picnic in the shade.

After you have explored Betina cave, we suggest you visit the biggest of Dubrovnik caves. Luckily, you don’t have to travel far. The Pigeon cave is located just across, on the outside of Lokrum Island. As you come closer, you will begin to conceive its’ magnificence. Entering, you will pass through its turquoise sea vestibule surrounded by the steep centuries-old rocks. Make sure to bring your camera and snorkeling equipment, we bet you’ll want to use both.


Nature’s surreal empire

The Blue Cave on Koločep island is a real gem, a sapphire, we dare to say. While you can enter most Dubrovnik caves with a kayak or a boat, in order to explore the belly of the Blue cave you will have to do some “elbow grease” and show your swimming skills. Depending on the tides, the entrance of the cave is almost submerged, hence it offers a unique swimming and snorkeling experience. As the sun comes through the entrance it creates an outstanding blue light spectacle. You will feel as if you have entered some magical world and you are floating in the blue abyss. You will find why the GoPro camera, a great addition to our Dubrovnik Caves Tour, is a must-have while exploring this surreal sea empire.


To remind us of its greatness and demanding due respect, Mother Nature has blessed the South Adriatic coast with many wonders. Each of them is unique, and they offer something you will surely gladly remember upon your return home. And we are here just to help you discover and explore them.

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