Top Things to Do in Dubrovnik

As much as it may seem exciting, we all know that planning a vacation is not an easy thing to do.

Start making a list…

No matter which location you choose for your long-awaited holiday, you’ll have to do some “digging” to find out more about it. Nowadays, that implies mostly a little googling in search of things to do to make the most out of your time spent away from home. Our hometown is small, however, we are certain you’ll find our recommendation on top things to do in Dubrovnik very useful. Well, at least for starters, because after a day or two we are sure you’ll be able to manage on your own.

Book a guided tour

 The most attractive among things to do in Dubrovnik is surely the exploration of the Old City. The centennial city center hides many stories, best told by experienced local guides. So go ahead, take your pick and book a guided tour. There are history tours, Game of Thrones tours, movie tours,… you can even book a kayaking tour around the city walls. And if you prefer to explore by yourself, there are a number of monuments and churches you’ll find fascinating. Should you need a break from exploring, go to park Gradac and take a rest beneath the cooling shade of the pine trees.

Visit museums

They say that visiting its museum is an essential part of exploring a city. Cultural events, institutions, and prominent people have played an important role in Dubrovnik’s history. Thus, Dubrovnik museums have a lot to offer its visitors. There are many of them: Cultural history museum, Maritime museum, Ethnographic museum, Archaeological museum, Red history museum, House of Marin Držić,…

Go to Srđ viewpoint with cable car

Mount Srđ proudly stands above the Old City, protecting it for centuries. You can get to the top with a short ride by a cable car or hire a taxi. It’s one of the best spots in the city to have a refreshing drink with a spectacular view you will remember for life. Also, the Homeland war museum is near, or you can take a buggy safari tour.


Discover Dubrovnik’s surroundings

Konavle, the most southern Croatian region, as well as the peninsula of Pelješac a little up north of Dubrovnik, are both great destinations for daily trips. In just a few hours’ drive, you will have the opportunity to visit small family-run wineries, taste locally produced wine, olive oil, sweets, freshly caught fish, cured meat delicacies,… Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Go island hopping

There are many beautiful islands near Dubrovnik. The Elaphiti islands, Lokrum, Mljet,… If you wish to visit them, to speed or slowly cruise around them, sunbathe, take pictures, or perhaps explore the nearby caves, let us know and we will tailor a perfect boat tour for you.

Hit the beach

We hope you brought your bathing suit and a towel! If you get too hot or too tired after all the wandering around, there are three great beaches in close proximity to the Old City: Banje beach overlooking the Porporela, Sv. Jakov which offers a wonderful view to the whole Old City, and Kolorina (Šulić) settled beneath the St. Lawrence fortress.

Browse the offer of the green and fish market

The good food is among your top priorities while on vacation? Of course it is! Visit the green and fish market in the Old City, check out what the hard-working local fishermen and farmers have to offer today. You will not be disappointed.

Attend Linđo’s performance

Among many things to do in Dubrovnik, do not miss the performances of local folklore ensemble Linđo in Lazareti. They are truly impressive! Smiling, young people dressed in folk costumes dance vigorously and jolly. The performance is so high-spirited and energetic that it will make you want to join them!

Explore the offer of the local wine bars

The wine is always a good idea, right? There are a few wine bars that are well stocked both with local and imported wine. So, when in Rome… We suggest savoring the wine made by local producers. Make sure you know the way back to your accommodation in case you have one too many.

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